• CryptHunters Art 1

    Plunder a Haunted Tomb – or Defend It!

    Grab a friend and enter the haunted Ten Thousand Tombs to find an ancient and powerful relic. Crypt Hunters is a fast-paced game of exploration and adventure for two players, set in the world of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

  • CryptHunters Art 2

    Bring the Game to Life

    These incredible, highly detailed models are simple to assemble, without the need for glue. Cast in coloured plastic, you’ll be ready to play in no time. Paint them up or play them as is.

  • CryptHunters Art 3

    Intense Action

    In each game, you’ll build a labyrinthine tomb and engage in desperate combat in the musty halls. You’ll resolve your actions using cards and a set of special dice, and mark status effects with tokens.

  • CryptHunters Art 4

    Explore Warhammer Age of Sigmar

    Step out of the Ten Thousand Tombs and into the Mortal Realms – filled with magic and wonder… and terrors unimaginable. Here, mighty armies forever clash under the banners of living gods and legendary heroes.

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    In the Box

    Everything you need to play

    Awesome models, atmospheric crypt tiles, tokens, dice… and a handy rulebook to use them. It’s all in here.

  • CryptHunters Models

    In the Box

    Choose Your Faction

    Will you play the stalwart Stormcast Eternals, clad in gleaming golden armour and armed with powerful weapons, or the vengeful spirits of the Chainrasps? You can’t go wrong either way with these incredible models – packing loads of personality into push-fit plastic miniatures.

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    In the Box

    Play the Game

    The Chainrasp player creates the labyrinth, while the Stormcast Eternals search for a powerful relic. Every roll of the dice could swing the outcome in your favour, or doom you to ignoble defeat. Combine your games in a campaign, and add new challenges with a unique system of optional Burdens.

  • CryptHunters Cards Accessories

    In the Box

    Unleash Your Might

    Each faction utilizes a deck of cards with powerful effects. Banish your enemies with the holy energy of Sigmar, or inflict them with supernatural terror. A set of special tokens makes it easy to keep track of these special status effects.

  • CryptHunters GameMat Board

    In the Box

    Create Ten Thousand Tombs

    Each game is different – the Chainrasp player lays down crypt tiles to build the labyrinth, and the Stormcast Eternals push deeper inside in search of the Hyshian Illuminator tile. The hex-based dungeon twists and turns, revealing infernal traps to ensnare both the body and soul.

  • CryptHunters Closed Box

    In the Box

    Your Adventure Awaits

    Grab a friend and get ready for an action-packed game night. Once you know the rules, you can dash through a game in about half an hour. Practice your heroic battle cries and ghastly moans, and prepare to outwit and outfight your opponent deep underground!

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Download the rules for free

Need a new copy of the rules? Deciding if Crypt Hunters is right for you? Download the free rules right here and read to your heart’s content.


Where to buy

Crypt Hunters will be available in select independent retailers in the USA and Germany, including Barnes & Noble stores.