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    Brutal Combat Between Rival Warbands

    Pit your rampaging band of savage warriors against a friend in action-packed 30-minute games. Take them on in a no holds barred bid to claim your rightful place in the vast conquering armies of the Dark Gods.

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    Choose Your Champions

    The heavily armoured Khagra’s Ravagers face off against the barbaric Godsworn Hunt in this battle for glory. Will raw might and deadly weapons prevail against sheer savagery and animal cunning?

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    Step Into the Harsh Mortal Realms

    War rages across the realms. The Bloodwind Spoil is one such place, taking its name from the magical storms of gore that billow across the plains. The only law in these cursed lands is might – and conflict is constant.

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    Paint Your Warband

    The two warbands in this box come in coloured plastic, but why not make them your own them with paints from the Citadel Colour range? Find out more at CitadelColour.com

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    A Complete Game in a Box

    Bladeborn contains everything you need to challenge your friends to vicious battles. Assemble your models, read through the rules, and get stuck in!

  • Rulebooks

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    The Rulebook

    This 20-page booklet gives you all the rules you need for a brutal two-player throwdown in under a half hour. You’ll also find campaign rules to tie your games together narratively.

  • K Ravager Models

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    Khagra's Ravagers

    Her sister, the sorcerer Zarshia Bittersoul, first led this warband… until Khagra’s ambition grew too great. Now the Usurper pushes the Ravagers to seek glory at any cost.

  • Godsworn Models

    In The Box

    The Godsworn Hunt

    These champions of the Tribe of the Black Fang are hardened killers all. They’re led by Theddra Skull-Scryer, who claims to be guided by visions from the Dark Gods.

  • Contents (2)

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    Dice and Accessories

    You’ll find a double-sided board to battle over, 91 reference cards, 65 tokens to keep track of in-game effects, and 18 six-sided dice to determine the success of your actions.


Download the Rules for Free

Need a new copy of the rules? Want to know if Bladeborn is right for you? Download the free rules right here and prepare to get your blood pumping.


Where to Buy

Bladeborn will be available in select independent retailers in the USA, UK, Canada and Germany, including Barnes & Noble stores.