Warhammer: Age of Sigmar

At the heart of Warhammer Age of Sigmar is an ongoing epic narrative about armies vying for conquest of the Mortal Realms. Here, you’ll find out about the factions, realms, and key events from the Age of Sigmar that will catch you up on the story so far.

The forces of Order are the Mortal Realms’ shield against Chaos. Alongside defenders of law like Sigmar’s Stormcast Eternals, exotic factions such as the mysterious Seraphon and the aelven Lumineth Realm-lords form powerful alliances, often for their own mysterious reasons.


Lightning-forged Heroes of the Heavens

Mighty warriors with celestial power crackling in their veins, Stormcast Eternals are forged from the souls of heroes plucked from the realms at their time of death and reforged by arcane magic. They couple hard-hitting weaponry with near-impenetrable defences, and are a fantastic all-round force.


The Mortal Warriors Who Defend the Realms

The Cities of Sigmar are populated by humans, duardin, and aelves who band together against the many threats that plague the Mortal Realms. Their massive array of heroes, units, war machines and monsters can be customised to suit any play style.


Wise Aelves Who Embrace the Elements

Aelves who glow with the light of Hysh, the Lumineth Realm-lords are masters of art, magic, philosophy, and war. On the battlefield, they harness the power of the elements and the magic of the realms to devastate their enemies with swift, overwhelming assaults.


Mysterious Forest-spirits Who Strike Without Mercy

Sprouted from soulpods planted in places rich with life magic, the Sylvaneth take up sword and bow to defend the Jade Kingdoms. An army of Sylvaneth consists of hordes of forest spirits, from Dryads to towering Treekin, which overwhelm their enemies with magic and blade.


Ferocious Lizards Who Seek to Destroy Chaos

Creatures of celestial energy given reptilian form, the Seraphon are devoted to the obliteration of Chaos. Masters of magic, they combine legions of cold-blooded killers, rampaging monsters, and mystic arts into deadly armies that can appear as if from from nowhere to suddenly overwhelm foes.


High-flying Duardin in Search of Aether-gold

The Kharadron Overlords strike from the air in swift skyvessels bedecked with deadly weapons. The armoured duardin devastate their enemies with gun and blade alike. Between the technological marvels of their skyvessels and heavily armoured troops, Kharadron Overlords suit a long-ranged, fast-paced play style.


Blood-soaked Zealots Who Live For Battle

The Daughters of Khaine are a religious order of aelves from the Realm of Shadow. They live for the thrill of war and spilt blood. Led by the goddess Morathi-Khaine, their cults revel in slaughter. The more blood they spill, the more dangerous they become.


Flame-wreathed Duardin Mercenaries

Fyreslayers are duardin sellswords who go to war clad in magical runes and fiery conviction. Known for their incandescent temper, they make valuable allies – for the right price. With a mixture of powerful heroes, durable units and mighty monsters, Fyreslayers are formidable foes.


Soul-hunting Aelves From Beneath the Waves

When need arises, the three castes of the Idoneth Deepkin unite to capture the souls they need to survive, striking their prey quickly with agile footsoldiers and fierce oceanic beasts. They attack with the force of an unstoppable tide before suddenly receding into the mists.

The Realm of Heavens

The Celestial Realm is the only realm untouched by the ravages of Chaos. In ages past, deities, demigods, and mortals lived here in harmony. Since the coming of Chaos, Sigmar has turned the forges of Azyr to war.

The Realm of Fire

Aqshy is a realm of raging passions, and its landscapes reflect that, from volcanic mountain ranges to roiling seas of sulphur. Life in the Realm of Fire is hard and short, and the tribes that inhabit it burn brightly and well.

The Realm of Death

Shyish is the Realm of Death, of tragic endings and tortured souls. The geography of the underworlds is incomprehensible to mortal minds. What all agree on is that Shyish is ruled with an iron fist by Nagash, the God of Death.

The Realm of Life

Ghyran is home to life in all its forms. From the tiniest mote to the greatest and oldest trees and creatures, the ecosystems of the Jade Kingdoms blend ancient civilisation with the natural world, bringing them together in perfect harmony.

The Realm of Light

Hysh is a place of pure white magic, a beacon of light that shines across the cosmos. Ruled by the twin gods Tyrion and Teclis, it is home to aelves and humans who seek to live in harmony with the elements.

The Realm of Beasts

Ghur is the Realm of Beasts, inhabited by outlandish monsters and bestial hordes. It is a land of the savage and the bloody, where brute strength and primal violence are paramount, and every creature is both predator and prey.

The Realm of Metal

Near its core, the Realm of Metal is home to verdant metallic plains and pure water. Towards its edges, lands shift and merge, strange alchemical processes constantly altering their makeup. It is a place of wonder, horror, and untold riches.

The Realm of Shadows

In the Thirteen Dominions of the Realm of Shadows, truth and lies merge. Wreathed in perpetual gloom, Ulgu draws those who thrive on intrigue and manipulation, like the god Malerion, who rules alongside his mother, the devious Morathi.

Stronghold of the Everchosen

A confluence of realmgates that allow travel across the Mortal Realms, the Allpoints were conquered by the forces of Chaos millennia ago. Now Archaon schemes from his mighty fortress, the Varanspire, at the heart of the renamed Eightpoints.

Eras of Battle


In the Beginning

Clinging to the molten core of the Broken World, Sigmar is discovered by the Great Drake Dracothion. Reviving the god with a warming breath, Dracothion leads Sigmar to the Mortal Realms.

The Great Pantheon

During his travels, Sigmar encounters and awakens many other gods, building an alliance with them. Together, they bring civilisation to the realms, each god working to their strengths.

A Brief Utopia

A golden age dawns. Eldritch tempests bring the taint of Chaos, but the gods defend their people against such incursions. Only when the alliance falters does the light dim.

Grimnir's Last Battle

Aqshy shudders as Grimnir and the Mother of Salamanders, Vulcatrix, do battle. The ground beneath their feet burns, bathed in their molten blood, until Grimnir and his foe fall.

The Battle of Burning Skies

Wielding Ghal Maraz, Sigmar is nigh unstoppable as he battles Archaon’s armies. When he faces the Everchosen, base trickery robs him of his hammer, turning the tide of battle in favour of Chaos.

An Age of Blood

Armies are mustered to halt the forces of Chaos, but with old alliances shattered and every faction fearing further treachery, no single power can stand before the Dark Gods.

The Gates of Azyr Close

Sigmar is forced to seal the Gates of Azyr to protect his people. Denied his prize, Archaon turns his attention to the remaining realms, venting his wrath upon those the God-King has abandoned.

Curse of the Jade Kingdoms

Khorne begins ever-escalating cycles of slaughter, and Tzeentch sinks his claws into those kingdoms richest in magical lore. But Nurgle commits the greatest hosts to conquer the Realm of Life.

The Cleansing

After the Gates of Azyr are closed, enclaves of orruks and Chaos-tainted creatures are hunted. Mythic beasts remain in Azyr to this day, but none bear any trace of corruption.

Into Hiding

No longer believing that victory over Nurgle is possible, the Alarielle the Everqueen retreats to the hidden vale of Athelwyrd, leaving the last enclaves of Sylvaneth to fight on alone.

The Gladitorium

A gift from shadowy Malerion, the enchanted dome of the Gladitorium enables entire armies of newly-created Stormcast Eternals to fight each other, yet rise unharmed at the battle's end.

The First Blow

Sigmar strikes in the Brimstone Peninsula, where Vandus Hammerhand’s Thunderstrike Brotherhood seizes the first Gate of Azyr. Now war rages across the realms, the God-King’s tempest never tiring.

The Realmgate Wars

The Stormcast Eternals spread across the realms. They bring Sigmar's fury to the forces of Chaos wherever they are found and make new allies to help liberate the Mortal Realms.

At the Gates of Dawn

The Hallowed Knights enter Ghyran. Gardus Steel Soul forces his way into the Garden of Nurgle, preventing further Chaos reinforcements from coming through. His miraculous reappearance wins the day.

The Tide of Filth

An Idoneth Deepkin stronghold of Green Gulch is invaded by Nurgle’s Plague Legions. Timely reinforcements are led by High King Volturnos, who slays the trio of greater daemons leading the assault.

The Green Horde Gathers

Gordrakk, Fist of Gork, leads his growing Waaagh! to smash Chaos Lord Festerheart's Plague Legions. Hearing rumours of a realmgate to the Allpoints, Gordrakk marches out to find it.

Nothing But Dust

The agents of Sigmar seek the duardin across Chamon. Though they fight their way to the peaks of many ancient holds, they find nothing but the echoes of an empire long forsaken.

The Stormhosts March Forth

By securing many of the realmgates that led to Azyr, the Stormcast Eternals' vanguard opened the floodgates of Sigmar’s vengeance, paving the way for the greater body of the celestial hosts.

Hope Springs Anew

With the coming of Sigmar's Storm, the Sylvaneth march into battle alongside the Stormcast Eternals. The Lady of Vines helps the Stormcast find the Everqueen, not knowing what would come next.

A Relic Returned

In the Realm of Metal, a mighty secret lies hidden – Ghal Maraz. Vandus Hammerhand, Lord-Celestant of the Hammers of Sigmar, at long last returns the legendary Skull-Splitter to Azyr.

Athelwyrd Corrupted

In seeking out Alarielle, the Hallowed Knights inadvertently lead Nurgle’s champions to Athelwyrd. Ghyran’s last haven from the taint of Chaos falls, and the hopes of the Everqueen fall with it.

An Alliance Forestalled

Stormcast Eternals beseech the aid of the Idoneth Deepkin in their battles against Chaos. Many enclaves abstain or vote against any alliance, despite the impassioned pleas of High King Volturnos.

Avenging Angel of Azyr

With the roar of a hundred thunderbolts, the Celestant-Prime arrives upon battlefields across the Mortal Realms, striking terror into the servants of the Dark Gods with the mighty Ghal Maraz.

The Attack on Bloodkeep

In destroying Bloodkeep’s magical portcullis, the Stormcast Eternals set free the powerful Lord of Change Kiathanus. Sigmar dispatches the Hammerhands to Mount Kronus to banish Kiathanus permanently.

The Hammers Fall

Upon Mount Kronus the Stormcast Eternals do battle with Archaon and his lieutenants. He too sought Kiathanus – not to banish him, but to claim the daemon oracle for his own.

Roar of Dracothion

From Azyr comes the echoing roar of the great Dracothion. A series of sigil-sealed gates unlock, the first sign that something stirs deep within the Vaults Extremis.

To Claim the Godbeasts

The most devious of Archaon’s plots is revealed as he attempts to forcibly enlist godbeasts into his armies. With their titanic power, Archaon could destroy the locked gates and enter Azyr.

The World Titan

The World Titan Behemat awakens, poisoned by the taint of Chaos. The Stormcast Lord-Relictors are forced to call down the wrath of Sigmar's Great Bolts, slaying the godbeast.

The All-gates

Once again, Sigmar’s far-seeing gaze looks out upon the Allpoints, the nexus of realmgates. If he is to usurp the Everchosen, the God-King must take back this heavily defended region.

Life Returns to Ghyran

The heroic martyrs of the Hallowed Knights are vindicated when Alarielle re-emerges from dormancy in her war form. She leads a merciless purge to free her realm from Nurgle’s taint.

The Mercurial Gate

At the Mercurial Gate of Chamon, Thostos Bladestorm and the Celestial Vindicators attack the impregnable Ironholds from below, tunnelling under their serried walls using the lava-magic of their Fyreslayer allies.

The Endgate

Nagash convinced the Stormcast that he would aid their assault on the vital Endgate, but he lied. Nagash watches them fail from his throne of bones, assured that his own assault would succeed.

Gates of Shadow and Light

Sigmar sends his Stormcast Eternals into Hysh and Ulgu. Only a few return, and none can speak clearly of what they had witnessed. Even Sigmar cannot be sure what they beheld…

The Genesis Gate

Alarielle commands a force of Sylvaneth and Stormcast Eternals against the entrenched forces of the Glottkin. They close the Genesis Gate, locking the path that led to the Allpoints.

The Mawgate

In Ghur, the Knights Excelsior’s war with the Khorne Bloodbound becomes a slaughter when Gordrakk’s Waaagh! arrives and lays waste to both sides. Sigmar’s chance to secure the Mawgate is lost.

The Brimfire Gate

In Aqshy, the Brimfire Gate is closed to the scions of Chaos. Archaon unleashes Ignax the Solar Drake, but the Fyreslayers free the godbeast from the Everchosen’s malign control.

Closing a Chapter

Archaon’s iron grasp upon the realms has not been entirely undone, but the closure of two All-gates is of vital significance to the God-King’s plans of reconquest.

Time of Reconquest

The Seeds of Hope are established in Ghyran as Nurgle’s power wanes. Fast-tracked by Alarielle’s life magic, the cities of Greywater Fastness, the Living City, and Phoenicium spring into existence.

The Stirring of Slaanesh

The greatest threat to aelvenkind begins to stir once more. Due to the machinations of Morathi, the prison that has long held the Chaos God Slaanesh starts to shift.


The Twin-Tailed City is founded. The seat of Sigmar’s power in the Mortal Realms, this sprawling metropolis stretches from the fiery plains of Aqshy to the verdant wilds of Ghyran.

Havens of Order

Many new cities are established by the God-King’s forces. Every one is built around the formidable shadow of a Stormkeep – the imposing citadels of the Stormcast Eternals that guard each reclaimed realmgate.

Malign Portents

A resurgent Nagash bursts from the Starless Gates, unleashing a tempest of necromantic energy that sweeps across the Realm of Death. The Great Necromancer reclaims Nagashizzar, the seat of his power.

The Time of Tribulations

As the malignant omens of Shyish’s ascendance spread across the lands, the Mortal Realms are assailed by a new foe – the restless dead.

To Enter Shyish

With dark portents abounding and prophets from every race seeking to allay this new doom, dozens of harbingers lead warhosts into Shyish to attack the Great Necromancer’s seat of power.

The Necroquake

Nagash’s schemes infect every nation, and the Necroquake rages across the realms. The dead are raised and unleash death magic along with the endless hordes of the malign Nighthaunt.

The Arcanum Optimar

The power of magic was enhanced by the Necroquake, giving rise to new and voracious living spells. The peril of wielding magic increases across the realms.

Ascension of a Dark Queen

Morathi, Shadow Queen of Ulgu, schemes and manipulates many, Sigmar included. Ultimately, she achieves her long-desired goal – ascension to true godhood as the avatar of the Bloody-Handed God, Khaine.

To Shine Amongst the Darkness

As Nagash’s legions march, the Lumineth Realm-lords rally against them. Teclis takes to battle and lays low the God of Death.

Cursed Skies

Be'lakor, the first Daemon Prince, has long schemed to rob the Stormcast Eternals of their immortality, and now unleashes his dark power upon them.

Era of the Beast

As Excelsis is besieged, Kragnos, the End of Empires, awakens after millennia of imprisonment, and the forces of Destruction rally around him.
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